Next phase of the garden

Star pickets in place for ag pipe to go over the top.

5 star pickets either side of the garden, on an angle slightly inwards. Ag pipe slots over the top.

First hoop in place.

Once each is cut to length, they slot in easily and quickly.

All 5 are in place. Each hoop will eventually be wired to the next with conduit piping in between to keep them evenly spaced and hold the shade cloth and bird netting  up.

Up rights held in place by star pickets in the ground and zip tied to the hoops at the top.

Zip ties, marvellous inventions!!

Both end up rights in place.

Chook wire zip tied around the bottom of the hoops to prevent possums entering the garden, and continuing to eat my green manure oats!! Tacked in place around the bottom with ‘U’ nails.

Holes drilled in either side of the ag pipe to insert the zip ties.

Chook wire completely surrounding the garden to reduce competition with the local fauna – kangaroos, wallabies and possums.

Pieces of rough cut chook wire are wired to the top of the chook wire and ends left sharp to deter crafty possums.

My new compost bin, made with recycled wooden pallets wired together. The bark removed from the logs used to surround the garden is palced on the bottom of the pile as this will take the longest to break down.

Layers of bark, manure, hay, garden waste and lime were added and watered in. An old barrel compost bin was emptied into the new compost to activate it. Not keen on barrel composters, they seem to stew rather than decompose. I prefer the on ground method.

An old wooden table top was placed in front to hold the contents in as the pile increases. A short star picket hold it in place. Chicken wire was zip tied in place to keep teh dogs and goannas out.

An off cut of ag pipe had numerous holes drilled into it. Guess what for?

To aerate the centre of the compost pile. An added bonus I discovered was being able to water the centre of the pile.

And thats it for now. Next step is the supporting framework for the shade cloth and bird netting. Shade cloth wont go on till summer approaches, spring here in Australia. Also the entrances on either end will be constructed.

Then….the chook shed will be built with its own chook forage garden, with grains, and green leafy veges to feed the chooks. This will be located between the garden and orchard to allow the chooks access tot eh orchard.


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