This rocked my socks today…

I wrote this on fb after hearing this music/sound…

If I die tomorrow this is what I want played at my funeral. This is the musical theme of my life. My life thus far is a constant cycle through the meanings of the chakras. Currently I am third eye focused and allowing it to fill me up. I have fought this a long time thinking it was a manic side of me. This isn’t manic its connected. We humans have stopped allowing each other to react in our purest form. We are emotional beings and have evolved to express such emotional diversity for a reason. The act of emotional expression is not allowed the free expression it used to possess.
We lived in small family/community groups where everyone you ever saw was someone who knew you intimately, loved you dearly, and would give up their life for you in a heart beat. We don’t have the same intimacy now, the same connectedness, privacy or safety as when we lived more primative lives.
We are fearful, distant, paranoid, and untrusting.
Because we have lost ourselves.
The one thing you can do for yourself in this life is work on your own internal energy and get that right. Thats why I love this music. It starts at the base chakra and works its way up, building you up emotionally and energetically as it goes.

Play this


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