Collective Evolution

A Message From Me to Me, Which is You

Why have you forgotten how powerful you are? Why have you allowed your own thought and ego mind to convince you you are not capable of creating anything you wish to create on this planet during this lifetime?

This control mechanism in place can bind you, but only if you continue to give your power to it and allow it to interfere with your own choice as  alight being on this planet. You have come here to grow, to evolve, to shift the planets consciousness and yet you get wrapped up in the game and all the seriousness that comes with it. Why? You have come here to remember that it does not have to be this way and in your own way, you are finding this truth and discovering what you are at your pure essence –Love, and Light, in its most unconditional and pure form.

This idea that you cannot go beyond things and create anything you choose, especially that of the greatest good for humanity, at this time because of some control mechanism in place must be dissolved! You are more powerful than it already! There is nothing coming that’s going to take it away, you cannot wait and hope that one day it will come down and the day will be saved. You are the creator, the shift in consciousness, and the disempowerment of the control system, the moment you put your heart and soul into realizing you are what holds up and creates the control system and all of your suffering, and that you can step into a vibrational state where this control system and all doubt cannot even touch you.

It’s your choice, you know now, why put any limitation on the love and light that you are when that is what you are yearning to be while taking on this physicality on the planet. Show the collective how powerful you are and create the planet we are all asking to create. I love you.


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