Theirs vs. Mine…This Must Be Why They Have Farmers Markets

Fast Times in the Slow Food Lane

8/13/2010 2:51:00 PM

On the left below is a tomato and a bouquet of basil I bought yesterday at my local Tahoe City Farmers Market.  On the right is a tomato and a sprig of basil I grew on my own.

Granted, this is Tahoe and I live at elevation 6000′.  This year spring was so cold that I really couldn’t put my tomato plants out full time until mid June.  Also, I don’t dare plant them in the ground because its rugged here folks.  Even though I often refer to Tahoe summers as paradise, the truth is that we can drop below freezing any day of the year.  In fact we had night time temperatures of 33 degrees just a few weeks ago…in August!.  It’s unusual, but it does happen.  My tomatoes are growing in pots on my deck where I can whisk them inside to safety on a moments notice.

Four inches vs. two inches!

Even so, you’ve gotta hand it to the farmers–they can farm!  And they do it so well.

So far I’ve had three tomatoes off the bush this one came from.  I have three green tomatoes on a second bush and I have had one Sun Gold off a third bush (but my grand-daughter Luna snatched it before I could get to it).

I just want to say thanks to all the farmers of the world.  Without them, my family certainly wouldn’t be able to eat.  Thanks to you all, but especially thanks to all of you who are growing organically, free range, heirloom varieties or are struggling to make ends meet.  We do appreciate you all!

The “tomato lady” at my local Tahoe City Farmers Market.

By the way, the “tomato lady” donates large quantities of extra produce each week to Project Mana.  Love her!!  Here she is dumping extra zucchini and cukes into a crate for me to deliver to the hungry.

Thanks Tomato Lady!!

Oh, I just have to mention that my 4 year old granddaughter, Luna, won a ribbon at the Sonoma County Fair for her….drum roll please…home-grown tomato!!  One more reason for me to be embarassed at my produce growing skills!

Last Words I have to say, though, my tomato did taste pretty darn good!

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