The Global Illumination Council

What is the Global Illumination Council?
We, the undersigned, have pledged to respect and defend ANY individual’s human, spiritual, employment, medical, housing, business, voting, educational, legal, economic, food and sustenance rights, including, the right to a healthy and thriving planet, the well being of all wild and domesticated animals, plants and insects, our natural resources and the general well being of all aspects of our Universe. We will not tolerate, endorse, participate or do commerce with those who perpetuate through action, word or deed an obvious agenda contrary to what is stated above, including obvious sentiments of racism, greed, betrayal, injustice or intolerance towards another individual’s rights. We acknowledge we are the future and take full responsibility for laying out the foundation for empowered future generations.

Overview and Mission Statement

– Our intention
* to reveal the universal truth’s within and without of ourselves.

– To provide
* tools for personal empowerment.
* alternative news resources for researchers.
* a safe environment for self exploration among a supportive community.

– Our focus
* world liberty.
* trans-dimensional entities.
* empowering the human experience.
* free energy.
* spiritual ascension.
* classified technologies.
* the esoteric.
* Earth changes.
* human consciousness.
* governmental disclosure of extraterrestrials.

– To establish
* a nurturing global community and unite these disparate factions under an umbrella of a Council for activists, lightworkers, alternative thinkers, teachers of the light, truth seekers, the spiritually inclined, and ‘whistleblowers’ who may feel a need for such a Council and community.


2 Responses to “The Global Illumination Council”

  1. Lisa Marie Says:

    Impressive mission. Your organization has tremendous vision. Keep it up!

    Rev Lisa

  2. organicmel Says:

    Great advice on your blog, we all need more of that!
    Thanks for visiting.

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