Detoxing my life: Day 1

For lots of reasons I decided to put myself through a detox programme (turning 40, understanding the important things in my life, and feeling genuinely good about myself). I don’t need to lose weight, in fact a few kilos more would be good, but I’d like to look and feel healthier. Also preaching the organic mantra, I want to start walking the walk as well as talking about it.

*I bought a juicer

*I bought organic fruit and veges to juice, as well as organic herbal teas, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

*I cut out any of my former vices weeks ago and commenced on a vitamin/mineral regime at the same time which has made me feel great, so yesterday all I really had to give up was my morning coffee – after giving up so much already, its surprising how much that one vice bugs me to go without, but alas it is only for 30 days. Oh and I can’t forget the red wine, none for 30 days.

So that’s how my plan started out, it was simply to be a healthy raw diet for 30 days. But as the build up to it occurred I’ve thrown in an exercise program, which I have been wanting to implement for some time – that includes walking/running as well as yoga/pilates. I was the fittest and healthiest the last time I did this same regime.

I’ve been doing daily meditations for some time now but have decided to spend more time on it and taking opportunities through out each day to implement these skills, waiting in line, waiting in traffic, even listening to music and focusing on nothing else, having a conversation and staying focused on it completely without your mind wandering is particularly difficult. I guess it’s practicing truly being in the moment.

I bought art supplies to focus my energy creatively as I gain immense pleasure from it. I also plan to draw the farm permaculture ideas I have had running around in my head for some time. I enjoy painting and drawing and will do it for no other reason than the sheer joy of it.

For the time being I have cut out social network sites. This period for me is about me and meeting my own needs, focusing on my own physical, emotional and spiritual health and I find Facebook and the like exhausting as I find myself helping others all the time, Mel the empath at work all the time. So until I learn to stop giving of myself so freely, it is easier to just stay away.

So its day two and I feel pretty good, Im not bouncing off the walls yet and I’d love a cup of coffee of a morning. The biggest difference so far is the quality of my sleep, 8 hours of absolutely blissful sleep last night was much needed. I’ve really enjoyed the exercise and spend a fair bit of time in the park meditating and doing pilates – its fairly private during the week thankfully. I love the juicing and everyone wants to be involved in it, making up new recipes to try like cocktail nights, minus the alcohol. My canvas’s are still sitting on the floor looking at me, but I’ve promised myself to at least draw something tomorrow. I’ve missed my friends on Facebook but still speak to my close friends on skype and msn, so Im not completely cut off. So far so good. 🙂


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