Collective Shadow

I like this article because it is one of very few that talk about the dark side of ourselves. I think of it as though we are the owner of two dragons, a good and a bad. They type of person you are depends on which one you feed and nurture. They are both always there.

Great changes are occurring.  Some are subtle, others occur as a loud struggle.  You can observe these different aspects around the world.

There are tremendous challenges and frequencies of hatred, fear and chaos.  A large section of humanity is numb, too sensitive to handle the intense frequency of devastation and deception.  They feel helpless, unaware of their true power.

Now a wellspring of conscious beings is stepping into true power, aware that they can and do make a difference.

Remember that the shadow of humanity dwells in the consciousness of each person.  This shadow aspect of one’s self is pushed down, denied and projected.  No one wants to think of themselves as prejudiced, judgmental, hate filled, or angry.

No one wants to believe that they could kill another or cause suffering and pain.  Yet these very frequencies dwell energetically in the hidden recesses of everyone’s psyche to some degree.  These qualities of behavior have been programmed, patterned and are activated by fear.

When fear rises up, all these suppressed emotional behaviors are activated.  Then there is the illusion of justification in judging another, mocking another, killing another.  The shadow of oneself is to be loved free. The insecurities, the pre-programmed beliefs of differences, the collective dysfunction is being pushed to the surface of the collective matrix.

Those who are aware, awakening, and embracing their shadow-selves, are conscious that they are multidimensional beings living in this programmed illusion.  They are disconnecting the circuits that trigger the shadow emotions.

They take personal responsibility for the creation of their experiences.  When the experience is unpleasant they look within for the cause rather than project the experience or the blame outward.

This evolution of consciousness is swelling, touching the hearts and minds of many.  Those who read these words understand and are awakening from the pattern.

Posted August 24th, 2010 by Steve Farrell


One Response to “Collective Shadow”

  1. ram0singhal Says:

    divine……two dragons belong to left brain……right brain is soul
    the shift in men and women to shift from right to left brain is
    major cause of insensitiveness which is loud……but change is coming subtle ……love all

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