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by Freedom is a Choice on Saturday, 18 September 2010 at 13:44

There are so many things that need to change in this world, so many symptoms of the same problems.  Injustice is part of the fabric of our society and, shockingly, a lot of people seem to actually support it, or at least don’t care enough to oppose it.  The people that are placed in positions of power do harm rather than good and the common man is content to sit at home and be programmed by his television.  Why doesn’t anyone care?   Why don’t they notice the chains around their feet?

Faced with such a monumental task such as changing the world, one might be discouraged by all the apathy stacked against them.  One might be scared of the powerful forces intent on crushing them if they get too loud.  It seems like an overwhleming goal to have.  “Change the world,” it sounds like a joke, like something someone might say to mock you.  There are times when I lose hope and become sad when I think about where this world may be headed.  I feel lost and helpless, like a spectator watching powerlessly as his existence crumbles around him.  It always passes after awhile, and it is this realization that drives that lonely feeling away.   We aren’t alone.  There are people all over the world who feels as we do.  There are almost 1500 of them that follow this page.  We are just a fraction of the many people asking the same questions and seeking the same peace.

We don’t have to worry about changing the world.  We need to worry about changing ourselves first and foremost.  Then we need to try to project that ideal of self improvement and self discovery to the people around us.  We can share our discoveries with others and prompt them to question what they are told to think.  Show your favorite videos to people.  Send them links to anything that has guided you on your journey.  Print off flyers.  Start your own webpages.  Print a newsletter.  Send in articles to your local newspapers.  And above all, approach everyone with love and understanding.

Put the message out there anyway you can, and one by one, you will see people’s chains fall to the side.  You are the change, and so is everyone else.  They just don’t know it yet.  Affect what you can, and with enough effort and passion, I believe we will see the world change before our eyes.