Plastic is Killing You!

Sep 3rd, 2010 by Tweek Jones
We can all avoid Corn Syrup,Aspartame,and MSG if we’re willing to read our labels but there is a deadly chemical found in the majority of food packaging that we can’t avoid.

Is any of our food safe anymore?

Based on some new information I’ve found it doesn’t seem like theirs anything that we can eat that hasn’t been tainted but before I learned this it was already very hard to avoid all the nasty chemicals in my food.

Lots of people like me think High Fructose corn syrup is bad for them and with good reason considering several studies have shown that it feeds cancer cells and many batches contain dangerously high levels of mercury. I also know lots of people like me who avoid aspartame because they know that the company that pushed its approval by the FDA ,headed by the beloved war strategist but then not well known Donald Rumsfeld,faked lab tests because they showed Aspartame to be an excitotoxin that causes brain cancer and we avoid MSG for the same reason.

All these chemicals can ,theoretically, be avoided if you are willing to give up all processed food and I do mean ALL. MSG and Corn syrup in particular are in practically every packaged food at the store and if you don’t believe me I challenge you to go look for yourself. Aspartame is much easier to avoid though still present in many things including any diet drink and just about every brand of gum in existence.

As I said,while very difficult,those chemicals can be avoided but what happens when the chemical your trying to avoid is not in the food but the packaging?

That doomsday scenario has apparently been unleashed according to The Independent which reported that scientists have know since at least 1998 that many plastics and 90% of food cans in britian leach a hormonal substance called Bisphenol A, or BPA, which severally damages cells in even small quantities.

Quoting from the article,
“…BPA – aka 4,4′-dihydroxy-2,2-diphenylpropane – is an endocrine disruptor something which may synthetically mimic hormones, affecting the vital workings of the endocrine system of glands, which release hormones around the body, stimulating everything from puberty and the menopause to hunger cravings, fight or flight responses – and the programmed death of cells which would otherwise grow remorselessly, threatening the development of cancer. Put bluntly, interfering with these processes, some scientists fear, may be causing a public health disaster, and BPA, they believe, may be a factor in the rising incidence of a myriad of human illnesses, such as breast cancer, heart disease and genital birth defects…”

Top Scientists from 5 major universities in Britain are so concerned about it that they’ve called on the UK government to make a formal review of it in an open letter,

“Although there are still some gaps in our knowledge on the health impact of BPA on humans, the major body of scientific research and evidence presented over the last decade strengthens the growing consensus that low-level exposure to BPA has a significant impact on increasing the risks of developing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, impaired brain function and behavioral problems in mammalian laboratory animals.”

Chalk it up to being unobservant or perhaps BPA poisoning but I hadn’t heard of this threat to public health until recently and the knowledge of it has made me ask a disturbing question,

“Is there really anything we can do to safeguard ourselves against this potential chemical holocaust?.”

While I don’t have an answer I pray that there is.

Find link here


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