The world was blessed on Wednesday

I had the amazing privilege of being witness to the birth of my neice this week. I’ve seen many births, all beautiful mind blowing experiences, but none touched me as much as seeing my own sister deliver her own daughter. There is truly nothing so beautiful than to see a woman you love do something so perfectly amazing.

To see my families next generation of women, come from a woman I love and admire, was an emotional experience to say the least. What an absolutely perfect little angel she is, and what a privilege it is to know her already.

Little Miss Maisie Moo makes me want to make the world a better place so that it is worthy of her perfection. A safer place so that she never has to know hardship or suffering. A more beautiful place so that she can always find inspiration and spiritual fulfilment. And a fun place so that she will always have laughter in her life.

Most of all Maisie Moo you make me want to be a better person, I take my role as your guardian and soul mother as seriously as I do my own life. I am here for you always precious girl.

Love Aunty Gummers


2 Responses to “The world was blessed on Wednesday”

  1. ram0singhal Says:

    divine…..children are little enlightened masters……beautiful
    bless you….little angel…..

    love all…

  2. organicmel Says:

    Thank you my friend, she is just devine!

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