Monsanto will own all seed

5 Responses to “Monsanto will own all seed”

  1. Tony Says:

    not really it has 35% share of corn seed in US same as Dupont

  2. Tony Says:

    what about the other 100+ crop species?????? and if you grow organic they don’t sell much of that

    • organicmel Says:

      Hi Tony
      I don’t write the articles, I just collect and post them for myself and others. It’s about reading/watching all the information and making up our own minds and being informed. One way or another Monsanto does not have good intentions, and certainly doesnt have our health in mind.
      I hope you found my blog interesting.

    • organicmel Says:

      Who doesn’t sell much organic?

  3. Tony Says:

    Olf Percy here lost his court battle with Monsanto even under appeal to the supreme court and he still wouldn’t give up. Lets ignore the laws – he was found to have taken the seed and bred the seed with the patented trait in it – it wasn’t just accdidentally speard seed– thats why he lost. He now makes a living by lying again about the facts

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