Guess who’s back….ME!

Well I have been a very busy beaver travelling around the county – Australia – reinventing myself and working toward my dream farm. I believe that to put your efforts ‘out there’ before they come to fruition is not good (an article I read on TED says that you get positive reinforcement by talking about your goals which results in your brain believing you have already achieved them and you lose momentum.) Sooo lets just say, its not far off!
But I learnt to drive trucks, Im working for a trucking company and we bought a bus to turn into a motorhome – another benefit of getting my truck licence – which is our current project. This one will be to sell, and learn from our mistakes, but the next one will be to live in, in the beginning of owning our farm. I will add bus progress photos soon.

I believe in the whole bus as a home notion, it is really taking off here in North Queensland as there are alot of mining towns without enough accommodation. It recycles buses that have been taken out of commercial circulation – ours just came off a school bus run – and hopefully stops at least one new motorhome being built. In our fast pace world where employment is not a surety or is transient a mobile home is an exciting and practical way to get around. Less people want to be tied down by a mortgage or rental property but still want a place to call home. I love it, for now and maybe you will too over the next few months as you see bus number one transform.

Im glad to be back, I have lots to share, no where near enough time but Im going to make the effort. My blog became very popular in my absence. Namaste to all who share my space. 🙂


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