Life is not a spectator sport

We don’t get to have another turn at this life. We don’t get another life time spent with the people we know now. The lessons given to us in this life may be a long time coming around again if we don’t learn them properly this time. Life is spiral, no two cycles are ever the same, they vary ever so slightly from the previous. The best way to move forward and upward in life is to live with your heart and mind completely open – that is self actualised and unencumbered with past grief. This doesn’t mean that we pretend that the past did not hurt us, it is to acknowledge those hurts, give them a voice and express them, because what you don’t say will kill you.

The ultimate goal in life is to be able to be fully present in the moment, emotionally unencumbered of your past and free from concern regarding the future. The present moment is all we have, we must use it wisely, and not waste a single second. If you aren’t working toward this state of being then you are merely existing on this physical plane of life. Caught up in worldly distractions that have no part in the continuity of your soul beyond this life.

Surround yourself with like-minded people that are on a similar journey, with similar values – because we become what we see and surround our selves by. Being around people that are dishonest or lack integrity and compassion drain your life force and distract you from your ultimate goals.

Get away from the television; media in all its forms; and any form of dictation that diverts you from the life that is your own. If you are being spoon fed life you are constantly comparing yourself to a myth that is ultimately unattainable because the truth is no-one is living the life you are viewing in the media.

Make time to just sit and observe nature no matter how insignificant it might seem – a potted plant on a balcony – it is pure and governed by the purest set of rules there are. Nature never lies, is never deceitful and only ever wants the best in any situation.  All you have to do to be at one with nature is to observe it and only then can you emulate it. The ultimate peace is knowing your true place in the web of life.

We are all connected, the same basic building blocks that make me also make you and everything else in the cosmos. Our cells vibrate with electrical energy that connects with everything we come into the vicinity of, and even those in far distant universes when we believe it to be true.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ Mahatma Ghandi


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